Tracking cronjobs just got better

Run your cronjobs

php artisan schedule:run

We will notify you when one fails


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Cronjob logging & monitoring

Easily keep track of your cronjobs in the dashboard. Get an overview of the current status, runtime and next time scheduled at a glance. Superbolt stores the output of your cronjob so you can review it later.



It is important to be aware of failing cronjobs.
Configure how and when you receive notifications, this way you will never miss an important moment. We support a wide range of notifications channels, from email to Slack and Discord.



Get insights on your cronjobs with our statistics. This includes uptime, downtime and average run time of your cronjobs.
We track the history of important events related to your cronjob. This helps you improve your cronjobs.

Debugging is already hard enough

Let us help you with the logs